Ex says i just want you to be happy

It can be what you have hoped for all along. But it can be difficult to read the signs your ex wants you back. Here are some sure ways to tell if your ex is reconsidering the decision to end your relationship.

ex says i just want you to be happy

They might be subtle but they are usually apparent once you take the time to analyze them. If you have been working on getting your ex back, you will have no doubt maintained a friendship with them. You will have been showing them that you are a happy and cheerful person who can is perfectly fine without them. That happy feeling is like a magnet and they will want to be around you all the time to see if you're really doing well. One of the sure signs your ex wants you back is when they are making plans to be with you.

If your ex is frequently coming up with ideas for time that you two can spend together this is a sure sign that they are interested in rekindling your relationship. Take it slowly at this point. You should spend time with them, but feel free to occasionally say no. Say it nicely, of course, but the point is to let them know that you do have another life.

ex says i just want you to be happy

Don't worry that it will be your last opportunity, they will be back to ask again, don't worry. To learn the killer, advanced strategies to get your ex back, simply click here!

Are you both reminiscing about your past? If you find yourselves discussing all of the happy times you two have spent together, chances are you ex is remembering your relationship fondly.

This is a good sign. It means that you ex has gotten past whatever it was that broke the two of you up. Enjoy the memories that you are sharing and let you ex know that you agree they were good times. Keep the tone as light as possible when you are working on rekindling your relationship.

Watch for the phone calls to start to come more frequently. If it has gotten to the point when your ex is calling you everyday just for a little conversation, this is definitely one of the best signs your ex wants you back. They don't seem to be able to get through a day without a conversation with you.

Again, you'll want to be in control, make your ex chase you a little bit, and always be the one to end the call. Once in a while, let them know you're in the middle of something and can't talk, just be a little vague and mysterious.

Tracey Cox reveals signs your ex is still in love with you

Everyone likes a challenge and you should become a challenge to them. There are many signs your ex wants you back, you just have to watch for them. If you play your cards right, your ex will eventually tell you how they are feeling.

Give them a reason to want to be with you. Be strong and independent, everyone is attracted to that quality. This is the best time to establish a new relationship on your own grounds, so set your relationship up the way you've always wanted it to go in the first place.

Now listen carefully! Take 2 minutes to read the next page and you'll discover a stunning trick which will have your ex begging you to take them back. There is a set of easy to follow psychological tricks which will make your ex crawl back to you within a few days guaranteed.

I strongly urge you to read everything on the next page before it's too late and time runs out- Click Here.Every time you look at your ex's social media accounts, there's a pretty good chance your mind will misinterpret what you see. This is probably because you have some unresolved feelings after your breakup. I'd like to offer you a bit of advice. I want you to either stop checking your ex's recent Instagram pictures or change the way you interpret what you see if you can't stop yourself from looking.

Either way, you will need a proper social media healing strategy to minimize the power your ex still has over you. Mastering the "grand social media illusion" is a fantastic way to jump-start your healing process.

This illusion preys on people who feel hurt, betrayed, replaced, mislead, used, abandoned or ignored by their ex following a breakup. The painful part of the illusion occurs when your ex appears to be thriving in some way. It can be even worse if your ex appears to have met someone new.

Despite unfollowing, unfriending and blocking your ex all over the social media universe, it's human nature to let your curiosity get the better of you.

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It's normal to stalk your ex on social media, despite knowing how crappy it makes you feel. In truth, a messy social media breakup is more common than a clean profile separation. Despite its masochistic elements, people have their reasons for staying digitally connected to their former romantic partners. It's usually a system of justification, and it's riddled with ambivalence and pain. Your ignorant, but well-intentioned friend or relative will tell you, "I don't understand. Why don't you just stop checking your ex's profile?

Just when you thought you'd built up enough inner strength to stop spying on your former love, the urge to check got the better of you. I'm going to teach you how to spot the grand social media illusion and see right through it, so you can heal properly from your breakup and move on with your life. First, let's take a quick look at the factors making you prone to being tortured by your ex's social media pics and posts.

Here are five factors that influence you:. The perception of control will reduce your concerns that your ex is thriving without you in his or her life. If you feel hurt or betrayed by your ex — or if the relationship included abusive behavior or unhealthy elements of emotional dependency — you're prone to suffer. People who practice and share their gratitude both on and off social media are less likely to ruminate about the hurt and pain post-breakup.

Owning your part in a failed relationship helps you blame others less. You are more likely to engage in behaviors that promote healing. This will prevent you from misinterpreting pictures in a way that hurts you. OK, now that we've identified some possible reasons why you're suffering at the hands of your ex's post-break-up posts, let's look at what you can do to smash the illusion.

The theme of this self-help intervention centers around coping statements. These words can have a powerful impact on how you talk yourself through a weak moment of peeking at your ex.

Repeat the following statements to yourself whenever you feel the need to check your ex's social media profiles or even after you've checked them :. My ex isn't going to post pictures of his or her worst angles, so why should I believe what I see? Social media profiles are marketing campaigns.Feeling THAT way. We all know how the conversation usually starts.

Small talk is exchanged. We just feign happiness for them, and for ourselves to keep the conversation moving. Is this universal? Some people really are happy that their ex found happiness.

My Ex Is Happy Without Me : What Should I Do?

But the rest of us can find it hard. Sure they want the person to be happy, but that happiness is contingent upon the ex being with them. We wonder why we split up in the first place. What more could have been to avoid it? All because our former is now happy with their current.

Yet, we remember things in a romanticized way, and not how they really were. The worse part is that we put ourselves in the position of feeling like this.

ex says i just want you to be happy

Actively seeking out a way for some of us to torture ourselves is not the business. So how can we get away from feeding the lie? Leave the phone calls alone. Delete phone numbers if necessary. Stay off whatever social network profiles your ex has.

It will keep you from purposely contacting them, and looking like a creep. Not everyone will heed the words of advice given here. No amount of lying to yourself about them will change how they feel in their new relationship, or about their current partner. However, for the folks that do take the advice, it will help you save face, and possibly your own new relationship too.

Given the opportunity, would you ever tell that ex the truth? This kind of falls into the line of thought you are supposed to hate your exes, Which i am absolutely baffled by. The thought that an ex may be better off without you would crush the egos of so many people, which I think they need. Like you said, it isn't universal but the people that have no ill will towards exes are such a rarity. My recent post My gaming year in review. SOOO funny seeing this today. I was about to get out my car to pump gas when I hear, "Hey!

How are you doing? I'm looking around like, "…the hell did you come from????? Where in the world did you come from? Crazier part? I was right down the street from and on my way to the new guys house! He asked what I was doing. I say, "Going to lunch. I paused.After a breakupthere are usually two types of situations.

There is a type of relationship between exes that you may not have been expecting. There is no more love between you but you realize your ex wants to stay friends… and a friendship begins to blossom. My ex wants to stay friends! Should you really remain friends with an ex as a means of trying to get them back? There are all kinds of reasons why an ex wants to be friendsbut one thing is for sure and that is that they still care about you.

This can happen with relationships that lasted a long time or a short time. Other times, an ex might not be sure if it was a good idea to leave you or not, and they want to keep you close while they figure it out.

After a breakup at first glance, staying friends with your ex in order to avoid tension and disagreements would appear logical. This is the most obvious reason.

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The complete step by step guide to get back together with an ex! After a breakup, you feel awful and completely lost. Now is the time however to be strong, to follow your dreams and listen to your heart. Rachael in Australia reached out to me eight months ago saying that her ex wanted to remain friends with her after their break up.

She had accepted this long before she had ever reached out to me, and her motive for calling was that she had realized how hard it was to get out of the friend zone.

This new friendly relationship had actually replaced their previous, intimate and exclusive relationship. Together, we were able to reverse it, but it was an uphill battle from the get-go. It can be a hard but not impossible! If you want to get back with your ex, you have to believe in getting back together!

All you have to do is read the testimonies of hundreds of people that get back together with their significant other thanks to all the tools I recommend as well as my eBook on how to make your ex come back.

You have to be careful with the friend zone so I suggest a coaching session. You will have to go above and beyond real friendship. Your focus will be reseducing your ex and that will change everything!

Ex Says I Just Want You To Be Happy: When Your Ex Says I Just Want You To Be Happy

Sometimes you go from being an ex to a friend with benefits very quickly. If you are thinking that being buddies with your ex for purely sexual reasons is better than nothing, you risk getting stuck in this position because your exchanges will hold no sentimental value anymore.

Bonus: 3 advanced strategies that will turn you into a Human Relationships Expert and give you the tools to get back with the one you love My ex wants to stay friends, what should I do?

Why does my ex want to be friends after we break up? Getting back together with my ex girlfriend and being happy again! Read It.

Let's Do This.By Tracey Cox for MailOnline. Visit this website on any given day and you'll see any number of celebrities admitting to being stuck on an ex. There a few things more devastatingly miserable than desperately pining for someone we loved who left us. Time does heal but it can be a slow, painful process - far quicker is getting a much-need reality check. Time does heal but getting over a break-up is a long and painful process - and sometimes you need a reality check.

It might be painful to read but it might also shock you into facing this truth: if your ex wanted to come back, they would be by your side right now. These are the reasons most people drag out as evidence there is hope of reconciliation — and why most mean nothing of the sort. They keep finding excuses to run into me. The sad reality is that even if they did park near you, they probably didn't even notice.

Tracey pictured says it doesn't necessarily mean they still love you if they call when they're drunk. If you live or work in the same area as your much-missed ex, you're desperately trying to spot their car so are much more likely to notice if they've parked close by. Beware reading too much into your exes actions — it's nearly always wishful thinking and a great way to keep yourself stuck. They call me when they're drunk to say they still miss me. What's not is that nearly everyone feels needy and lonely when they're drunk and wants love, affection and sex.

If there's no one else around, people have a nasty habit of reaching for their phones to drunk call or text their ex. The only difference is, you do it when sober, they do it when they're drunk.

Do they call you when sober to say, 'Sorry about calling you drunk last night but I actually meant what I said'? Or do they send a text apologizing and then swiftly backtrack when you ask if there was any truth to them missing you?

They come over when they're drunk and we end up having sex. If this happens on a frequent basis and it's followed by them leaving in the morning and not contacting you until the next they're drunk and frisky, you are simply their booty call.

If it happens once and then you don't hear back, it could be they were going back in order to move forward. It's not uncommon for people to revisit exes before making a serious commitment to someone new. If there is any residual feeling or doubt, people sometimes hook up one last time to see if they're making the right decision.

If your ex comes over regularly when they're drunk and you sleep together before they leave early in the morning, it might just be a booty call. In most cases, they decide they are and move into the future without looking back again. The ex, on the other hand, feels abandoned again and even more confused than they were.I had moved out from my parents and wanted to know if i had to place to stay and he said i wasnt really happy with my mom to start with how he knows or remembers this is beyond me hah and that he just wants me to be happy.

What was your relationship to this guy? If he was just a friend, then it sounds like he's into you more than just friends. If he wants you to be happy and flat out says it he really cares about you. He's a good friend for wanting the best for you. It's nice to see there are still good men out there who truly care about a girl, even though they dont want to be romantic with them.

Those are the guys that are special and their wife or girlfriend are very lucky. Most times when I say that, I like the girl, but I'm accepting her decision whatever it may be. Which means, he would want to be more, but he's okay with best friends. How would I take it? This is so vague, it is unanswerable. This could be a dad, brother, sister, boyfriend, or anybody saying this kind of thing.

Well since he is asking for you to be happy, he clearly cares for you. If he has been showing signs of encouragement or of acknowledgement with you, then it may be that he likes you. Ask him for yourself.

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Update: I had moved out from my parents and wanted to know if i had to place to stay and he said i wasnt really happy with my mom to start with how he knows or remembers this is beyond me hah and that he just wants me to be happy. Answer Save. Lora Lv 7. That figures How do you think about the answers?

You can sign in to vote the answer.If you've broken up, it's likely over, for good. Yet, there are certain times where an ex might reappear, looking to revisit the relationship after taking time to figure things out solo. Of course, if it ended poorly, chances are slimmer, but there are signs your ex might want to get back together that you should be well aware of before letting an old flame come back into your life.

Without being prepared for possible romantic gestures or understanding where your ex is coming from, you run the risk of getting hurt, or hurting you previous partner's feelings, too. The best plan? Get on the same page first. As a certified health coachI've seen people start, end, and resume relationships. As emotions can fluctuate over time, sometimes a relationship that didn't work out in the past can actually be successful in the future.

It depends on a lot of factors, like timing of the relationship, age and maturity levels, and having more common goals. Another option? Maybe you simply just miss each other, or you randomly ran into each other after time has passed and can sense a spark.

No matter what, follow your gut. Consider what led you to break up before and how things can be different now.

When he says .."I just want you to be happy"!?

If you do think your ex wants to get back together, here are 13 clear signs to show they're interested. If your ex starts texting or calling you, where they're giving you direct, high-quality communication, it could mean they're looking to get to know you again and maybe revisit the relationship, rabbi and matchmaker in NYC, Shlomo Zalman Bregmantells Bustle.

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Plus, if your ex is the one initiating communication and responds quickly when you respond, it's even better, Bregman says. If your ex is just texting you when lonely late at night, or if you're just discussing the weather or current events, it might not be a real sign, Bregman says. Yet, if your ex is opening up and sharing info about their life and is inquiring about yours, then it's possible they're trying to reconnect again.

If your ex seems interested to know if you have a new partner in your life, it could mean that they're trying to gage where you stand and if you're open to revisiting a relationship again. An ex wouldn't be jealous if you're getting hit on at a bar if no feelings were present. Yet, if your ex is super bothered by your newfound attention, it could mean they're looking to get back together.

Or at least considering it.